Do you love video games? Do you want to change the perception of gaming in your university and share your passion for League of Legends with your peers? This is where you can step in as a Riot Games Student Ambassador.

We’re looking for humble but ambitious full-time students enrolled in a Malaysian university or college. You will be part of an entrepreneurial nationwide ambassador team for a year – leading campaigns and projects at your university to grow the League of Legends community and embody the values that Riot stands for. We’ll provide resources and training to support you in your endeavour and help you develop skills you need to jump-start your future career.

Level up with us.

The Role

Be the voice of the community

Become the voice of your school’s League of Legends community and the wider student community and advocate their pains and needs to Riot and vice versa. Additionally, you will work to engage, grow and nurture a thriving League of Legends community in your school.

Lead awesome projects

Brainstorm, organize and execute campaigns and other initiatives on campus. From organizing intra-campus tournaments and community events to hosting workshops and hackathons, you will be the main driver behind these value-adding projects.

Challenge convention

Gaming sometimes suffer from a poor image so we’ll lane together on this and show that gaming and academic excellence can go hand in hand. You will help build relationships with key university and faculty members and other student groups to improve the perception of gaming on campus.

Manage finances

Manage a healthy budget and be able to apportion the funds to satisfy the needs of students at your university. You are also encouraged to engage potential sponsors and build long-term partnerships that will benefit all parties involved.

Perks and Rewards


You will sample a taste of this annual Rioter perk, with RM 400 to spend on video games. Yes, on any video game, whether MOBA, FPS, console or PC.

Epic Rewards

As you rank up in your program, by creating awesome experiences on campus, you will unlock epic rewards! From RP in game, to exclusive personalized swag, and even partial scholarships and a trip for two to the League of Legends World Championship, we’ve got you covered!

Recognition Opportunities

Not only will the Riot Games Student Ambassador Program experience be a shiny addition to your resume, but we will also provide testimonials for outstanding student ambassadors, giving you a competitive advantage in future recruitments.

Level up your skills

Throughout, you will develop a wide range of transferable, career-critical skills such as leadership, critical thinking, communication and analytical skills. Rioters will share knowledge and resources to help you build professional skills and provide networking opportunities to help you jumpstart your career.

Who we're looking for

An exemplary student

Full-time students enrolled in a Malaysian university or college in any discipline and year groups are welcome to apply. While you’re an avid gamer, you’re well rounded and have the grades and extracurriculars to rival your in game rank.


You're a lifelong gamer whose passion for games (especially League of Legends) helps you stay focused on initiatives that make the difference to the players in and out of the game.

Organized and agile

Others can juggle a plate or two, but you can juggle the whole buffet and you can quickly change course when priorities shift or roadblocks arise. You're able to conduct multiple concurrent projects – including academic ones – while staying under tight deadlines.

An idea accelerator

Your brainstorms make other brainstorms look like headsprinkles or braincloudies with a chance of scattered showers. But it doesn’t stop there either, because you ride it through into execution IRL.

Multilingual and multicultural

You've got a strong understanding of English, and ideally can speak and write either Malay or Chinese fluently. You understand the nuances of Malaysian culture beyond plain language and can cater to them.